The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Monthly Archives: April 2016

How do you identify a remnant church?

You would hope that anyone could go into a church for a Sunday service and hear a solid gospel message, the fact that this is not case is not only shocking but evidence we are in the end times. So, how do you identify a remnant church?

Every week thousands attend churches without knowing anything is wrong, many of these people may not even be ‘born again’ because they’ve not been told the need for repentance by their leaders.

Then there are those who can see the apostasy in our churches but don’t have any churches near them that are truthful to God’s Word. It is a sad… Continue reading

Scientist in research laboratory

When discussing evidence for ‘molecules to man’ evolution with someone with a scientific background, it is common to experience the ‘back off, I’m a scientist’ response when asking scrutinizing questions. True science is supposed to be an exercise of the observable, repeatable and testable which clearly cannot apply to origins as assumptions ALWAYS have to be made when looking into the past. It is amazing how often scientists depart from science and stray into the discipline of history when promoting theories and then present them as proven facts.

Additionally, the ‘life’ sciences appear to claim special privilege when it comes to the need for evidence. This article, written by electrical… Continue reading

If you do an internet search for “is evolution true” the results will show this is not a straight forward question to answer. Some sites will give lists of reasons for evolution being a fact, while other sites disagree and say that it only an unproven theory. Surely we’re all looking at the same evidence?

Evolution is a subject close to people hearts and for many, there’s a lot at stake which can cause ‘debates’ to get quite heated. People’s careers could be on the line if their position changes on this topic, yet for others, it could be their pride or reputations at stake, so maybe there is more… Continue reading