The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Monthly Archives: June 2014

This has hit the news in the UK over the weekend where a building in Berlin has been designed that allows for followers of Christianity, Judaism and Islam to worship under the same roof – Berlin House of One: The first church-mosque-synagogue? (BBC News)

Although this is not a huge surprise given the steady push towards a religious unity and the “hybridisation” of religion that is evident particularly in Europe, we do find it hard to imagine what the church is thinking as it pursues this project.

Firstly, by becoming involved in this, the church appears to be conceding that Judaism and Islam are equal partners in leading people towards… Continue reading

The current events in Iraq with the Islamic State of Iraq & al-Sham (ISIS) has possibly taken many by surprise. ISIS’s aim to take full control of Iraq has shown no signs of mercy, leaving devastation and bloodshed wherever they have been. There is no indication that ISIS are slowing down or anyone putting up a challenge against them. Even David Cameron has warned this could even lead to an attack here in Britain – Daily Mail: ‘Islamic militants in Iraq planning to attack us here in the United Kingdom’: Cameron warns MPs of terror threat from Middle East.

Many people are watching this situation to see where it… Continue reading

A friend of ours has recently created a new website that we highly recommend. Essentially, it is a collection of books that he has written on a variety of topics related to Biblical Christianity. Written by UK resident Sean Kehoe, it is rare to find a website with such a solid Biblical grounding that proudly and unashamedly takes the Bible at face-value without forcing it to fit around man-made doctrine. Within the site, the gospel is clearly articulated and the “books” are a great resource in dealing with many often avoided topics.

Real Christianity is still a “work in progress” but we would recommend you read more about Sean on… Continue reading

Why should you become a Christian?

Steve gave a short message (5 mins) titled “Why should you become a Christian?” during a guest service at St Andrew’s Baptist Church last Sunday.

A recording of this is below if you would like to listen:

Pentecost is celebrated this Wednesday, 4th June this year, also known as Shavuot or the Feast of Weeks. It is the 4th feast in the Jewish calendar being between the 3 Spring feasts and 3 Autumn feasts.

This is the day that Christians recognise as Pentecost – ironically, Jews have been celebrating this very same day for much longer in the form of the Feast of Shavuot. In fact, the day that the Lord gave Moses the law in written form (instituting Shavuot) after the exodus in the same way the Lord gave believers the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. Just as the Lord gave the Israelites the law written on… Continue reading