The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Ravi Zacharias is a fantastic Christian apologist. In this clip he tackles the question of the sinful condition of mankind in response to a question from a Muslim.

It is fashionable to accuse Israel are committing the crime of apartheid against Palestinians. Many who believe this usually do not look into the facts but are keen to simply jump on the anti-Israel bandwagon. Here is a good article that deals with the apartheid accusation head on – Apartheid: More Than Just a Word.

The stunning accuracy of prophecy in the Bible gives an authority to the Scriptures that no other written document can match. Many prophetic passages in Scripture are very precise, but the fulfillment of Daniel 9:24-27, particularly with regard to the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem provide no margin of error and was fulfilled to the very day! Having spent most of His ministry resisting being presented as the “Messiah, the King”, Jesus then carefully arranges this very event to declare that He was in fact the Saviour of the world!

Here is an article by Chuck Missler which looks at this in more detail:

The Precision of… Continue reading

We are living in very exciting times as we anticipate the imminent return of Jesus Christ. This hope alone and the worldwide conditions associated with Jesus’ return should command the attention of all believers in Jesus. The problem is this subject is often NOT being taught in our churches! Bible prophecy is such a breathtaking subject that details our past, present and future. Bible prophecy is the primary authentication that verifies that the God of the Bible is the one true God! Unfortunately many churches are silent on future prophecies so the majority who attend these churches will not hear teaching on this subject. No wonder recent analysis shows the… Continue reading