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Remembering Jesus Christ at Christmas

Many British people are very patriotic and there are many things we can be proud of but, unfortunately, at Christmas time we spend too much time and energy on celebrations and present buying instead of remembering the real Christmas message.

One person, however, we can be proud of is the Queen, who makes it clear in this years Christmas message where our power lies – in the person Jesus Christ. Dr Peter Saunders picks up on this is his blog –

Christian Medical Comment – The Queen once again points her subjects to Jesus Christ, stating that other leaders steer away from this simple message: “While the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of Westminster addressed Syria, women bishops and gay marriage respectively the Queen kept her Christmas message short, direct and simple.“.

David Cameron even quoted from the Bible in his Christmas message – David Cameron’s Christmas message. The Prime Minister does say that he has faith in God and believes that it is important [ref] but has he accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour? His message included a reference to the Isaiah 9:6 prophecy of Jesus’ first coming – “Indeed, God’s word reminds us that Jesus was the Prince of Peace“. This is definitely good and encouraging, but does David Cameron really believe this prophecy? We pray our Prime Minister will truly understand the saving gospel message that Jesus delivered to all mankind!

It does seem that only the Queen has been vocal in the message of Jesus Christ this Christmas and we should be truly thankful to have a monarch like her. We believe God does want to bless Britain but in order for us to receive God’s blessings as a nation, we need to turn to back to Him. This should be reflected in our government using the Biblical standards of moral conduct as a litmus test for legislation that is passed. We pray that in 2013 more leaders can be raised up in Britain to be vocal with the gospel message but also to warn people that there is judgment coming and belief in Jesus Christ is the only way to escape God’s coming wrath!


One Response to Remembering Jesus Christ at Christmas

  • Thank you for this post. I truly believe that the time has come for the UK, that is government, church leaders and people, to turn to God again as we have in the past, to ask forgiveness for our sins against God and against His nation Israel, and to support Israel in action and prayer. We may then receive back His favour as a nation – we have lost it and desperately need it for our present and future. The lead needs to come from both top, eg.government/church leaders, and bottom, eg.groundswell of people. We must pray hard for God to allow this and cause his Holy Spirit to move this nation.

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