The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Sometimes we fail to take the time to contemplate the astounding complexity in the world around us. To think that human life evolved by random, unguided processes stretches the boundaries of intellectual thought. To hold the view that the theory of evolution explains the awesome universe we live in seems a convenient escape from being accountable to God.

Here is a very simple way to look at the complexity of a flower:

I’m thinking of making a rose. I’m going to do it from nothing…like in the beginning. I will need to make a seed that has programed DNA that would tell it to produce tap roots that would, of… Continue reading

Amazingly the Church of Scotland has published a paper saying there is no basis in Scripture for the Jewish people to claim the land of Israel. This bewildering viewpoint is explained more in this news article – Scottish church says Jews have no scriptural claim to Holy Land.

In fact, Scripture says the exact opposite, which we have covered in our Has the Church replaced Israel? article. Israel is the focal point for future prophecy and we can see events rapidly escalating in the Middle East in line with Scripture. Our churches should be firmly standing by Israel and the Jewish people and praying for them regularly as Scripture… Continue reading

It is often evident that there is a subtle bias in the use of terminology when it comes to reporting on events and issues concerning Israel. The two following clips are great examples of how a biased use of terminology is often used and how it can paint a completely different picture of an event:

Also, see this link – BBC Terminology: Mitigating Terror