The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Keep Christ in Christmas

The Christmas festive season is upon us: bright lights, trees and carols are all around us. For many this is a time for parties and enjoyment with little thought of anything to do with Jesus Christ! Even taking “Christ” out of Christmas is a habit for many – whether consciously or not – to “X” out Christ is one more subtle step to removing Jesus from people’s focus. This is one time of year that many do go to church, watch a nativity or may even hear about Jesus Christ for the first time. Let’s keep Christ at the forefront of our thoughts and pray that people can learn about the sacrifice He made for all of us and possibly accept the greatest ever gift of salvation.

2014 could certainly throw a few surprises, especially around Israel . The nations are aligning just as Bible prophecy foretells. Will is be the last Christmas for believers? We will have to wait and see! Either way our focus, every day, should always be on Jesus Christ. This article on GraceThruFaith covers what we should be really remembering over Christmas time – The Last Christmas?

This Christmas, keep Jesus in mind – let us all acknowledge the life of Christ and rejoice in His Presence:


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