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This year Passover starts in the evening of 14th April. It marks one of the most important dates in the Jewish calendar and this should also be the case for the Christian. The way in which this Jewish feast is observed provides a solemn reminder of the circumstances preceding and including the crucifixion of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. The sacrifice of the Passover lamb in the OT is a virtual “dress rehearsal” for Jesus Christ in many striking details.

Jesus Christ precisely fulfilled every stipulation of the Passover lamb and was sacrificed on our behalf to deliver us from the penalty of sin. Read more of the intimate link between the Passover and Jesus Christ here – Jesus Our Passover Lamb! and discover the meaning of this amazing feast for yourself. If you are a Christian, we would encourage you to observe this festival in some way.

Passover is the first of 3 feasts celebrated in quick succession; Passover, Unleavened Bread, and Firstfruits. We explore these in more detail on our page The Biblical Feasts and Jesus Christ.


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