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If you were to explore many of the traditions of Easter, you would have trouble linking them to the death and resurrection of Christ – for example, what does an Easter egg have to do the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Where does the word “Easter” even come from? In fact, Easter originally had nothing to do with the death and resurrection of Christ and was a pagan festival that was hijacked by the early church and “Christianized”. The important question that remains is whether or not Christians should observe such a festival today? The article addresses this in a well balanced way – Should Christians celebrate Easter?

Pastor Jeff points out:

First, do our customs distract us from the real message? It is certain that the world will use any tactic to deflect attention from Christ and His truth in order to avoid dealing with sin. Are believers not helping them by indulging in these seemingly innocent though unauthorized additions? Further, in our increasingly pagan culture, where the Lord is summarily dismissed and substituted by Santa and the Easter Bunny, are we not compromising our Lord by partaking in these inane diversions?
Second, if we were merely ignorant of the origin and meaning of these extra-biblical adornments to the seasons, we might have an excuse for participation; however, since we know the truth, should we not abstain from them? Israel was continually attracted to the pagan practices of her neighbours, provoking God to anger. Are we not in danger of offending our Lord by taking part in things that are rooted in the same pagan idolatry that caused Israel’s fall?

He then concludes that:

Of course, we must celebrate our Lord’s triumph over sin and the grave. However, let us call it by a biblical designation—Resurrection Sunday—instead of a derivative of the idolatrous goddess of spring. We must also avoid the worldly and commercial baggage associated with these holidays for two reasons. (1) They are unauthorized by the Word of God. (2) They actually distract from, rather than promote, the gospel of Christ.

The NT teaches that Jesus Christ was our Passover Lamb – the events surrounding the days leading up to and including the crucifixion of Jesus precisely demonstrate that He fulfilled this feast to every detail.

In fact, the Bible contains no instruction to commemorate either the birth or the resurrection of Christ with new yearly festivals (and certainly not existing pagan festivals). What Jesus did instruct was that we should observe Communion as a solemn reminder of His sacrifice for us and this is an appropriate Biblical way to commemorate His death and resurrection. In addition, the Lord has provided Biblical feasts and convocations that provide the perfect calendar of events for us to celebrate these events if we wish to do so. Read about these – The Biblical Feasts and Jesus Christ.


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