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The frenzied response from some Secularists when anyone dares mention the Christian faith in a positive light in the public arena is bewildering. During the Easter period, British Prime Minister David Cameron described the UK as a “Christian” nation and this has sparked an outcry from British Humanist Association (BHA) who arranged a petition signed by many well-known atheists to object.

Seeing as the BHA sees our Christian heritage as a problem, PJ Saunders has written a blog asking what heritage the secular movement has offered the citizens of the UK? Christians in the UK have often felt compelled to sacrificially helps others by setting up an array of social initiatives (eg. food banks, rehabilitation centres, night shelters, etc.) as a direct result of their faith as the blog details. What is it that so incenses the BHA that it feels this is a great opportunity to organise a petition against the “negative consequences” of the Christian faith on society?

It is quite likely this will prove to be a huge “own goal” and many people will be able to see through the vindictive and over-sensitive reaction of the BHA who seem to thrive on fostering division.
The “God & Politics in the UK” website also blogged their own response – It’s arrogant secularists rather than David Cameron who are fostering division.

As Peter Saunders says, when secularists start running leper colonies, we will start taking their complaints more seriously!


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