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In the UK, there are many churches that would describe themselves at Calvinist – in other words, they claim to be in agreement with the theological teaching of reformer John Calvin. The term, “Calvinist” has always seemed a rather strange way for a Christian to identify themselves in our opinion – why would a church or an individual align themselves with any individual other than Jesus Christ? Like many other forms of modern Bible interpretation, its weakness is that it interprets the Bible from a western humanistic worldview – hence it is heavily influenced by a Greek thinking theologian/philosopher like Augustine and misses the Hebrew/Jewish context the text was originally written into.

In this talk below, Jacob Prasch explores the history of John Calvin and the problems with Five Point Calvinism. Even if you would identify yourself as a Calvinist, we would encourage you to listen to this – it will probably give you a different perspective. If you’ve not heard Jacob Prasch before, his speaking style is quite brash – try to listen to what his says, not just how he says it!


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