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Waving a Rainbow Flag?

It is increasingly obvious that the mainstream church simply adjusts it ‘position’ on moral and ethical issues depending on the changeable trends of the surrounding culture while going to extraordinary lengths to ‘explain away’ any problematic Bible passages. There is no better example than the Christian’s who are proudly waving a rainbow flag in support of same sex ‘marriage’.

This excellent article poses 40 questions for Christians who are displaying rainbow flags – this is a sobering read and provides a clear insight into where society is going to head in coming years. If your church has thrown its support behind same-sex ‘marriage’, there is no Biblical basis to object to any form of ‘relationship’ outside marriage as the Bible defines. Therefore, when society pushes the boundaries on polygamy, incest, paedophilia and other forms of sexual sin (as it will in coming years), these churches will not be able to object on the grounds of their faith.

Many churches have now left themselves in a position where it cannot legitimately object to ANY form of behaviour on Biblical grounds. The church should be setting the moral temperature for society, not simply mirror it – it is simply impossible to appeal to the unsaved to repentance if the behaviour that needs repentance is condoned by the church.

It is important to stress that there is no hierarchy of sin in God’s economy and that those involved in a ‘same-sex’ relationships are no more sinful than anyone else. A serious disservice is done to those in same-sex relationships when this is isolated as a particularly heinous form of deviating from God’s will. All sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage outside of God’s purpose for human sexuality – this includes sex before marriage, the use of pornography and many other practices that are common in our culture. In other words, there is no-one who is sinless before God in this area.

However, rather than re-defining God’s standards to accommodate societies new definition of marriage, the church exists to appeal to everyone to turn from the sinful desires that distance ourselves from God and have a restored relationship through Jesus Christ. The Biblical concept of marriage is one particularly difficult battleground in our culture at present – a great opportunity for the church to take a stand for the Lord rather than capitulate to culture.


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