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At times, we all doubt! It’s human nature to doubt, the important thing is our response to that doubt!

In human relationships, we can feel really close to one person, which in turn means you could feel further away from others – this is same with God. Christians have a personal relationship with God, but if we don’t make an effort in that relationship we can find ourselves moving away from Him (remember God doesn’t move away from us!). This can be when doubt comes in and if not dealt with, Satan will seek to gain a foothold and hijack that relationship!

Doubting leads to questions and we can sometimes be afraid to seek answers, worried what it might mean for us personally or worried that we may get an answer we don’t want! We should recognise that it is healthy to ask questions, as long as we diligently and honestly seek answers. This can not only improve our understanding but enable us to have more confidence when interacting on those topics. The more we understand the Bible the better our relationship with God will be because God revealed Himself to us through Jesus and our accounts of Jesus are found in the Bible.

It’s so rewarding to answer and deal with a doubt we had – in fact, it increases the desire to search more! We live in an age where the Bible is mocked from just about every angle so it takes courage for Christians to stand up for the Bible. Take archaeology for example – most people will scoff when claims are made that archaeological evidence supports the Bible – however, by honestly looking at the evidence we find no archaeological discovery has ever found the Bible to be false! Regarding Luke’s gospel account a famous archaeologist said:

“Luke is a historian of the first rank; Not merely are his statements of fact trustworthy… this author should be placed along with the very greatest historians.” Sir William Ramsey, Archaeologist

Sadly many refuse to accept this as they prefer to live without their Saviour in their lives and are content to use doubts as feeble excuses. But for Christians this should give us confidence in what we believe, pushing ourselves to ask questions, in fact there is a real problem if we don’t as that can only negatively affect our relationship with God. This short video demonstrates it is OK to ask questions…


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