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Love wins with Audacity movie!Homosexuality and gay marriage are topics many Christians are afraid to discuss as they can often provoke emotionally loaded ‘debates’! Society is full of misconceptions and misunderstandings on this issue and usually not interested in hearing what the Bible has to say. The words “hate” and “bigot” are often thrown around that make any rational discussions virtually impossible, with many “Christians” who don’t understand scripture often making matters worse by ridiculing the gay community.

“Love wins” is a popular slogan used to promote homosexuality and gay marriage as it appears to promote equality and pulls at our emotions with many finding it difficult to respond. But this applies to Christians too – we should also show genuine love in all of our conversations as love is at the root of everything God does, so we have to be ambassadors of this. That does not mean it is always easy!

Ray Comfort has release a new movie called Audacity that helps reach out to the gay community while staying true to God. This is a very timely movie as society continues on its course away from God – Christians should learn from this movie and share it as the Holy Spirit leads. We believe those who watch it will discover a genuine love and care is shown to all concerned whilst illustrating the universal problem of sin that applies to everyone, rather than marginalizing a particular group of people.

Watch the movie below (55 mins) or visit the website for more resources. We believe this video helps explain God’s stance on this issue in a way that does not sound remotely hateful or bigoted!


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