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Anyone interested in Middle East geography will have likely come across a Palestinian land ‘loss’ map which consists of a series of maps depicting Israel as stealing land from the Palestinians. Without an understanding of history in the region, it can be very easy to be deceived by these. These maps are deliberately inaccurate and therefore misleading which makes them a powerful tool in the promotion of the myth that the Israeli’s have ‘stolen’ land from the Palestinians.

Palestinian land 'loss' map
Without getting into great detail, this article provides a detailed look at the inaccuracies and distortions to the maps above – The Mendacious Maps of Palestinian ‘Loss’. This most obvious distortion is the use of the first map. The land of ‘Palestine’ was at this time under the British Mandate (having previously been part of the Ottoman Empire) which was populated by a combination of Jews and Arabs – the was never a recognizable Palestinian State, government, passport, language or any other form of national identity to justify the depiction in this map.

The map below shows a far more accurate picture of the ownership of land in the region – as you can clearly see, the Israeli’s have repeatedly made compromises and concessions by giving ‘land for peace’ to find that the elusive promise of peace with neighbours is never honoured, even though they give up parts of the land in pursuit of this.

Israeli land concessions map
(credit to ElderOfZiyon for image above)

The article linked to above is vital reading for anyone genuinely interested in the truth and even if you have been taken in by the usual maps, it would certainly be worth looking at this from a different point of view. The vast majority of reporting on issues concerning Israel are filled with subtle distortions, half-truths and factual inaccuracies. Even mainstream media outlets (with no obvious reason for bias) often reveal preconceived ideas with the descriptions of events and headlines they choose. A strong anti-Semitic spirit is at work at present – this takes the form of increasing overt violence in the Middle East and a relentless propaganda campaign for the minds of the Western world. As we have blogged on a number of occasions, we are heading for a terrifying climax that God will use to turn the Jews to Jesus their Saviour. It is crucial that we are not individually accountable for aiding the anti-Semitic agenda going on around us – there is no human solution to the problems on the Middle East as this is a spiritual issue. We need to wait patiently and expectantly for the Lord to clear up the mess and restore all things for His glory.


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