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If you do an internet search for “is evolution true” the results will show this is not a straight forward question to answer. Some sites will give lists of reasons for evolution being a fact, while other sites disagree and say that it only an unproven theory. Surely we’re all looking at the same evidence?

Evolution is a subject close to people hearts and for many, there’s a lot at stake which can cause ‘debates’ to get quite heated. People’s careers could be on the line if their position changes on this topic, yet for others, it could be their pride or reputations at stake, so maybe there is more to this than simply following the evidence?

We believe the evidence does speak for itself but that the definition being used for ‘evolution’ often causes misunderstandings. In our attempt to provide our answer to this question we look at the different definitions of evolution before looking into the evidence. It can be difficult to approach this subject objectively, but if we are in search of truth we have to be honest with the evidence. We hope you are enjoy our new article – Is evolution true?


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