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Has the story of Jesus changed over time?

Many claims are made to discredit the Bible or Christianity. One of the most common claims promotes the idea that the story of Jesus Christ is a myth – this is a lazy response that excuses people from having to get involved in a conversation about “religion” or God. Unfortunately, many Christians are not equipped to respond to statements like these and cannot challenge them.

The first response for Christians who face this claim is to simply ask what evidence there is to support it. Some don’t believe Jesus existed at all, others believe he was a real person but the account of His life was changed over time. Whatever the reason, it’s key for Christians to be able to defend this claim with the aim of offering a thoughtful reply to challenge the person’s thinking.

There are lots of tools that can be used to provide confidence in the reality of Jesus Christ’s existence and deity. We cover some of this in the “Is it a myth?” section of our article Did the resurrection really happen? In the short video below J. Warner Wallace shows the detective approach and gives more solid evidence that you can use to prove the story of Jesus Christ isn’t a legend:

We will all one day stand before Jesus Christ to give an account of ourselves, who will you say He is?

He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? (Matthew 16:15)


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