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Pre-tribulation rapture with people ascending up in the sky

Within Christian circles, there is sometimes a fierce debate about the timing of the rapture of the Church and where this fits into biblical eschatology.

We believe an understanding of the purpose of the rapture is a key part of understanding the end time timeline. As far as we can tell, the rapture is God’s method of withdrawing his faithful Church from a unique and time of terrible judgment known as the Great Tribulation. There are several patterns of this throughout Scripture where God works in this way such as with the accounts of Noah, Rahab and Lot. God removes his faithful before he displays his wrath – they were not subject to God’s judgment and neither are those who have sanctuary in Jesus Christ through faith.

As a result, we lean towards a pre-tribulation rapture as we believe this position best packages the range of events linked with end times in the Bible – however, we admit we could be wrong.

If this is a subject that interests you, we recommend the video below – this is a message given by J.D. Farag and is one of the clearest presentations on the merits of the pre-tribulation position. We feel it is a bit of a stretch to describe it as proof (as he does!) but he certainly presents a very strong case.


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