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The Road to Emmaus - a template for us all

If you think about all the encounters that people had with Jesus, do you have a particular favourite? I’m sure you would love to have been a fly on the wall for many of the scenes described in the gospels, but there is one that has to be one of the most beautiful encounters. It’s not the most spectacular, but it would be great to be parachuted into the scene for the two followers on the road to Emmaus.

The word Emmaus comes from the Hebrew word ‘emunah’ which means ‘faith’. So these they were on the road to Emmaus, but more significantly they were on the ‘road to faith’! And they had an encounter with the risen Lord Jesus that represents a template for us all. The journey takes four distinct phases:

  1. Jesus draws alongside them
  2. They don’t recognise that it is Jesus
  3. They invite Jesus in
  4. Jesus reveals his identity to them

The passage in Luke 24:13-35 describes how their hearts were ‘burning within them’ during the journey. The pivotal moment occurs when they make the step to invite Jesus in to be the host.

Danny recently preached a sermon on this passage – please listen below:


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