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The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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Christians and Muslims alike attempt to conduct lives that are consistent with the teachings and actions of the founders of their faith. Many even believe that Christians and Muslims both worship the same God. So, how do the lives of Jesus and Muhammad compare? Please follow the links below for a look at the lives at the founders of both Christianity and Islam:


Many people (including Christians) would rather not believe that God sends warnings to particular nations that judgment could be on the way. Some would be even more skeptical if we suggested that God was warning the UK right now that it is time to urgently change course.

John McTernan is an American believer in Christ who has detailed a whole host of God’s warnings to America in books, DVDs and blogs. But John has recently mentioned Britain in one of his recent blogs and this has got to be pretty significant and demonstrates that observers outside of Britain are noticing that patterns exist with decisions our government makes and national… Continue reading

With the end of the Mayans “Long Count” calender approaching on Dec 21st 2012, many are asking if this has any significance and whether this could mean the “end of the world”! Some believe it is just a restart of a new cycle but others view it as a worldwide catastrophe. Either way the media has played a part in building up certain mindset – even Hollywood helps guide peoples thinking (e.g. with movies like 2012).

All this has caused thousands to gather at locations around the world in anticipation of something to happen:

IB Times – 2012 Mayan Doomsday Countdown: France Blocks Access to Bugarach Mountain Considered by Some… Continue reading