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As Western nations debate how to tackle the Syrian chemical weapon situation, it highlights an interesting truth – the undeniable hatred of Israel by their surrounding Arab neighbours. These neighbours are unabashed in stating that if there is a strike against Damascus (and it does not matter who carries out the strikes) they will attack Israel.

USA Today: Israel, caught in the cross hairs, jittery over Syria

YouTube: “If Syria is attacked, we will annihilate the Zionist entity”

Ynetnews: Top Syrian official: Tel Aviv will be hit if Damascus attacked

TIME World: Iranian Officials: Israel Will Be First Victim of a Syria Attack

It defies belief to hear this anti-semitic logic and demonstrates the fact that many nations in the Middle East are looking for any excuse to attack Israel. The situation in the Middle East is very volatile and in the eyes of the world, whatever Israel does (or does not do), it is usually wrong! This article by Honest Reporting covers all the current threats to Israel – Syria: Israel Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

We have covered the prophecies against Egypt and Syria in these blogs: A Prophecy Against Egypt, What is happening in Damascus? These news reports of Israel’s neighbours threatening them also bring another prophecy to mind – Psalm 83. This Psalm describes these Arab neighbours attacking Israel simultaneously, with the Jewish state surviving as victor! We will cover this prophecy in more detail with future blogs, in the meantime we should be watching the Middle East situation closely as a possible fulfillment of this prophetic passage could be on the horizon. Please be in prayer for those innocent people caught up in this violence and continue praying for a peaceful resolution to these disputes.


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