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Are you ignoring the RED light?We all know what to do when we come to a red light on the road – we stop! Although we now seem to be entering into a time where people think it really gives them another 3 seconds to continue on! We know that there is danger ahead if we continue, not only for ourselves but we could be a danger to others! Many are now taking more risks, everyone is in so much of a rush everywhere they go that these warning lights are taken less seriously! So what does it take to acknowledge these warning signs?

Society has little time outside of the continual daily routines to stop and think. Rushing to work, rushing home again, rushing to pick up the children, rushing to do the shopping. But everything that is going in the world around us should be a red light to our lives. Will it be too late before the majority stop and think?

The majority of people are guarded by their worldview, it is their barrier, in busy lives, they will not stop to think about something that contradicts their view. When confronted with a challenge, their personal bias takes over and they do not provide the mental effort needed to seriously consider anything outside of their comfort zone – as a result, the contradiction is brushed aside. But there is a red light in front of every non-believer now, it is the time to stop ignoring it!

Stop and consider where this world is heading. The world is in turmoil, violence and wars are escalating with leaders baffled how they can stop it. We really are witnessing WW3 getting closer by the day! It truly frightening to see the atrocities being committed around the world, some even now close to our homes. Do you think this will all just pass by without affecting you? Even if you are hopeful, this violence is just one aspect of our turbulent world, there are many more worrying activities happening that should cause you to stop and think.

The amazing thing is, we have been told these events will happen! What we are witnessing is no surprise to Bible-believing Christians, in fact, these events draw us closer to God and our blessed hope! If you have stopped at the red light in your life, look at Bible prophecy! History is full of fulfilled prophecies proving God’s Word to be true, it has stood the test of time and is so relevant to us today with all that we are witnessing in the world around us. Bible prophecy is such clear observable evidence of God’s existence that it is baffling why it is not spoken about more!

Then again, Bible prophecy talks about apostasy within the church in the last days. We are in these days now, many churches have diluted and distorted God’s Word to make it more palatable and appealing! This results in the future prophecies of a coming judgment pushed to one side or, in most cases, church leaders teach that passages should not be taken literally! It is shocking that non-Christians could go to a church service and come out none the wiser about repentance of sin and our need for a Saviour! But this is further proof of what God’s Word said would happen.

In your busy life, if you have stopped for a moment, take the time to seriously consider all the evidence for Christianity! There is no more critical time to humbly consider ALL the evidence, not just one side, but BOTH sides! God’s Word should be taken seriously, it provides undeniable evidence through Bible prophecy that should cause alarm bells to ring in your conscience! Jesus Christ, our blessed hope, is coming back!

Is God putting a red light in your life now? If so, do not ignore it but turn your heart Him and ask Him to reveal His truth to you. Ask for an understanding of why Jesus Christ came into this world and died on the cross for you. He is waiting for you to open the door to Him, to repent and put your life into His hands.

Then your busy life will start to take on a new meaning, the Lord will open your eyes to a new understanding and your salvation can be secure no matter what happens in the world around us! There is no greater joy than personally knowing the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour!

Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. (Revelation 3:20)


One Response to Are you ignoring the RED light?

  • Interesting article. Reminded me of a work colleague who used the expression ‘green lightiing’ to descibe our lives when they’re going well. Although not a christian (yet!), his observation was that while we’re ‘green lighting’ in life we seldom think about hitting a ‘red’. However, so often it’s the ‘red lights’ that God uses to cause us to ‘stop’ and consider our eternal destination.

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