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Richard Dawkins claims “The gospels are ancient fiction” in his book The God Delusion. He also says that the “four evangelists”, that would be Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, never met Jesus and he seems very confident about this despite the evidence against it! These statements can be convincingly argued against, as we do in our reliability of the Bible article, but Bernard Howard has written a more comical take on this.

He has written a conversation on the Gospel Coalition website titled – If Richard Dawkins is right – that pictures what could have happened if Richard Dawkins is correct. A snippet is below but we recommend reading the whole thing as it shows how unrealistic the claim is in a fun way.

Luke: Guys, it will take us a while to put these documents together. We need to get communities of people worshiping Jesus in the meantime so that when our books come out they’ll get a good reception.
Mark: There’s a guy I know called Saul, he could help with that.
Luke: Saul the Pharisee? I can’t imagine him getting involved with this kind of thing.
Mark: Trust me, he’s our man. I see him leaving behind everything he’s been trained to do and planting congregations of Jesus worshipers throughout the Roman Empire, whatever it costs him personally—beatings, shipwrecks, and the like.

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