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A Symbolic Step to Outright Infanticide

For those who hold a Biblical view of the sanctity of life, this has been a disturbing week. New York is among a number of US States which are now legalising abortion up to birth – in fact, the ‘Reproductive Health Act’ allows for the killing of babies who somehow survive the abortion process during labour and are born alive – which is effectively infanticide. This legislation defines a ‘person’ as a ‘human being who has been born and is alive’ – thereby dehumanising all babies in the womb.

This is a monumental psychological step to towards outright infanticide which is clearly just around the corner (as we have previously blogged). There is no moral basis to differentiate between the status of a person just before and just after birth – a baby does not magically become a ‘person’ by passing through the birth canal, even though that is what this law says. A push to greater extremes, such as killing new-born babies is inevitable as there is virtually no logical moral ground that remains an obstacle – it is simply a case of waiting for the current legislation to become more palatable in the public sphere and then move on to the next stage.

Whilst this is a grim turn of events, this new legislation is actually fairly symbolic. As per the quote of many doctors in this article – The Reproductive Health Act of Horror – What Lies Behind Abortion Without Limits – there are, in reality, no situations where a baby at full term needs to be killed for medical reasons. This is simply motivated by convenience. We are presenting our doctors with the terrible task of killing the healthy rather than healing the sick, which extraordinarily comes at a time where medical technology has dramatically increased the survival of premature babies. This is simply another step on the road to the routine practice of infanticide.

We are fast arriving at a point where our culture is not even pretending to disguise its hatred of children. In fact, if a massacre of newborn puppies or kittens were suggested in court, there would most probably be outrage from the same people pushing these new laws – yet, this murderous legislation passes through the courts with nods of approval and celebration. But this does not stop there – babies are then being born into a world where there is a growing trend to declare them ‘gender-neutral’. Even as young children grow, we are encouraged to socially engineer them along a secular humanist worldview without any firm ethical boundaries whatsoever. Bizarrely, this is all done under the banner of tolerance and being progressive, whilst doing everything possible to destroy and devalue the traditional family unit which has been the standard physical and emotional safety net for the child throughout human history. Yet, a family bringing their children up within a Christian worldview and Biblical morality can be accused of cruelty and abuse!

Despite the horror and perverse logic at play here, it is important to keep a clear head as there are glimmers of hope. Due to the repulsive nature of this legislation, there are some, particularly the mothers who have gone through abortion, who are now speaking out. These brave women, who have suffered the most through this barbaric practice must be given a platform and a voice – their testimonies will have the most power and authenticity in this mess. There is also a chance (and a hope?) that a growing sense of the absurdity of western morality will cause some kind of ethical rebound – however, we probably shouldn’t hold our breath…

We must pray for the US and plead with the Lord that this practice does not come to the UK – the spiritual implications for a nation that does this are immeasurable and it’s hard to imagine God will not bring swift justice on a people guilty of such crimes. For now, keep looking up – the return of Jesus Christ cannot be far away…!

For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world; Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ; (Titus 2:11-13 KJV)


One Response to A Symbolic Step to Outright Infanticide – The Horror of 21st Century Western Morality

  • This is really terable, I think this as been passed this in Texas, it’s hard to understand how all the people involved are so cruel and evel.there are no words to describe these people involved.

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