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How can an atheist make sense of the Paris atrocities?As the atrocities that recently happened in Paris still very fresh in our minds it causes us to question why something like this can happen. Everyone’s worldview has to reason with this reality as there is no denying that evil was clearly present in Paris. However, this poses a particular problem for atheists whose worldview doesn’t have an objective moral standard!

Former French atheist, Guillaume Bignon, points this out in a Premier Christianity blog – French ex-atheist: only God can make sense of the evil in Paris. Guillaume makes many good points that we believe society, in general, is ignoring as we continue to shut the door to God. It’s important that we all understand this reasoning so we can engage in conversations even when they are surrounded by something so horrific.

One point Guillaume makes is:

“The only option for French atheists (among whose ranks I used to count myself), is to maintain that there isn’t really any such thing as evil. When one denies the existence of God as a transcendent creator of the universe who ordains how humans ought to live their lives, one is left only with conflicting opinions about what individuals like and dislike. If there is no God then there is no objective truth about the good and the bad.”

He also says:

“To be a consistent atheist one must affirm that the Islamic terrorists in Paris didn’t do anything ‘wrong'”

It takes a humble person to honestly and objectively evaluate their worldview. The world would be in shock if someone publicly said the terrorists didn’t do anything wrong in Paris as our conscience cries out that something really bad took place. The difficulty is that many who call themselves ‘atheists’ don’t know its consequence from an objective moral point of view, but they will believe in anything that is not associated with God or religion!

We recommend reading the full blog by Guillaume. There are certainly challenges for Christians too as we aim to lovingly explain God’s existence and plan when these atrocities continue all around the world.

Our Why does God allow suffering? article may help.

“I’m hoping enough Christian believers will be found in France, ready to offer the biblical option, so that my fellow French would, as I did years ago, find life in Christ, repenting of their sins and placing their trust in Jesus.”

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