The Lord will be king over the whole earth. (Zech 14:9)

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The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland has been the driving force behind a legal case against Ashers Baking Company for refusing to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan. Yesterday a Belfast judge ruled in favour of gay-rights activist Gareth Lee as the BBC Reports.

In the current legal climate, this is no great surprise – the secular world is obsessed with silencing the views of Bible-believing Christians who simply want to follow the convictions of their faith. As usual, they have picked the softest possible target to ensure a cheap token ‘win’ – we can be fairly confident these gay-rights activists would not have the appetite or courage… Continue reading

As the General Election here in the UK approaches, the political parties are in full swing with their election campaigns attempting to appeal to every person for those crucial votes. For the true Christians in this country, it can be a difficult decision to make, none of the main party leaders displays any real belief in God, so we have to prayerfully decide who will be this country’s most fitting leader.

While we are no political experts some say the divide between UK politics and Christianity closing, this is welcoming news but from our point of view what visible effects is this having? We introduce same-sex marriage and find… Continue reading

Do you go to a confessing or a compromising church?

We live in days of great confusion and the Christian environment is certainly no exception! Every Christian is exposed to a huge range of views and opinions which can lead to a sense of feeling lost. In the midst of this, it really is vital for every believer to be able to sift out anything that not Scriptural and in order to achieve this, it’s more important than ever to be firmly versed in Scripture. Which is why we ask if you go to a confessing or a compromising church?

Deception always comes in a subtle form and this can be a particularly strong pull in the UK’s liberal society.… Continue reading

We are on the brink of a dramatic break-up of the United Kingdom as the population of Scotland vote on independence. There is no question that there are several serious implications whatever the result and we fear that the UK will never be the same again even if the Scots vote against independence.

As a whole, the UK has completely turned it’s back on God over the last few decades as detailed in our article – It’s time to repent. There is a long list of UK legislation that has gone through Parliament which displays we are deliberately moving away from God’s standards of morality and this as climaxed… Continue reading

One’s stance on homosexuality and other sexual orientation is often a divisive and emotive subject, particularly with the legalization of gay marriage in England recently. Everyone has an opinion – some applaud it as progressive while others appear judgmental and hateful.

As Christian’s, we should be grounded in Scripture and not led by societal trends. The media often portrays Christians as being hateful and intolerant which is often untrue. Surely in a tolerant society, it is OK to disagree over what constitutes moral conduct, or is a tolerant society one in which everyone is forced to agree with everyone else about everything?!

The Bible teaches that any sexual activity outside… Continue reading

Today marks the day where gay marriage carries the same legal status as traditional marriage. There is widespread support for this across the political spectrum and even in some C of E churches as this report shows – BBC News: Same-Sex marriage now legal as first couples web.

The Nick Democrat Leader Nick Clegg said, “Britain will be a different place”. This is true but unfortunately not for the better. The value of marriage as defined in the Bible is rapidly becoming irreversibly eroded and we feel this will be to the detriment of society and the numerous negative impacts are often overlooked. Coalition For Marriage is one… Continue reading

This interesting story is making the rounds on social media and no doubt the UKIP councillor involved will attract derision and mockery – BBC News: UKIP councillor blames storms and floods on gay marriage.

In a letter to David Cameron, David Silvester accused the prime minister of bringing God’s judgment on the nation and made the point that, “no-one can mess with the Almighty God with impunity and get away with it“. The councillor believes there is a link between the unusual storms the UK has suffered in recent times and the legalisation of gay marriage.

Although it is impossible to prove a direct link between the… Continue reading